This band, quite simply, performs magic

They can keep the world and his wife on the dance floor like no other.  With their uncanny intuition about what music is needed at any given moment – from rock n’roll, trad/gypsy jazz, swing, country, blues, funk, bluegrass, Scottish & Irish jigs, reggae, ska, Cuban, Latin, rock & pop – they never fail to lift the mood of a party to a higher plane.

It’s not so surprising: they are all consummate pros and as musicians, dazzlingly skilled. For wedding parties for instance they are a sure fire winner because they appeal across the board but that doesn’t mean to say that they are in any way Middle of the Road. They are not. They are the coolest band in the business.”

Candida Lycett-Green


t: 01363 82515      m: 0797 126 2136      e: